At TriPower we offer two distinctive types of Yoga:

  • Yoga Ignite and Yoga Strong are physically challenging yoga classes with an emphasis on holistic fitness in order to open and reshape the body mind and soul.
  • Yoga RecoveryTM¬†is for those new to yoga or with injuries, or athletes looking to complement their sport with an opening and restoring flow.

All classes incorporate traditional elements of mindfulness, breath, awareness and stress reduction. View our classes to choose the class that is right for you and read about teachers to find out more.

TriPower Yoga offers the highest quality of yoga instruction in the heart of Ocean beach. We are proud members of our beach community. But don’t let the rock star line up of teachers intimate you, the feeling of unconditional acceptance is tangible in the air. No fancy yoga uniform required! Advanced practitioners and brand new beginners feel challenged and quieted from the variety of classes offered. Our studio offers limited classes sizes so students form an intimate connection with instructors. Additionally we throw free event every month like beach days, camp outs, clothing swaps and happy hours because we know that you come to yoga for more than just a class, you come to find your people!

Our signature classes include Yoga Ignite and Yoga Strong, both athletic style vinyasa classes. We believe yoga asana classes can be physically demanding and athletically challenging without losing the true “yoga”. We also offer gentle Yoga Recovery, which is not just restorative or Yin but rather a focus on deep stretching and recovery for body, mind and soul. We attract a wide variety of students from pro-athletes to senior citizens. All are welcome with open arms.

It is the mission of TriPower Yoga to enrich the lives of, first the students who attend classes through high quality yoga instructions, second, the teachers and employees of TriPower Yoga though community building and above industry average compensation, and third, the residents of Ocean Beach through economic development and by increasing the quality of life for all those effected by the business operations of TriPower Yoga.

The best teachers coupled with $14 classes all day everyday make this little gem of a studio a fixture you don’t want to miss!

All classes are in a warm, mid temperature room